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My Body is Science is a hands-on, multi-sensory preschool learning program that focuses on the science of the body by incorporating anatomy lessons with children’s yoga.  We help children learn to trust their bodies and to understand the signals and purpose of their bodily systems. Children have fun while engaging in experiments about digestion, circulation, skin, muscles, bones (and more!). Through creative exploration children are empowered to make wise decisions about their health: from nutrition to exercise and mindfulness to full body self-care.

My Body is Science teaches purposeful movement, breath-work, and self-control through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. With creative names for postures that are based on animals and nature (things in the child’s environment for which they have context and understanding) we engage the child’s imagination and participation. This part of the program kinesthetically integrates the anatomy lessons by drawing the child’s awareness to their body and breath and providing a much needed movement break. The yoga portion of the program can be taught to infants through school-age. Yoga lessons are 10-20 minutes as appropriate by age group.

My Body is Science anatomy program was developed utilizing STEAM principles to help preschool children learn about the science of their bodies and how they work. Each lesson is hands-on with weekly modules geared to a specific system of the body. All lessons follow a logical progression through kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning applications and encourage participation from each student. Our teachers work on the floor in circle format with each class of 15-24 students. The anatomy portion of our program is offered to children ages 3-school-age. Anatomy lessons are typically 20-25 minutes with yoga immediately following for a total lesson time of 45 minutes.


Children about their body's systems & functions in a fun, age-appropriate & interactive way.



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Enrichment Options for Your Whole Student Body

My Body is Science offers:  

  • Full curriculum presented in 40 weekly lessons for ages 3 years and up

  • Yoga-only program for infants-toddlers

  • After-school enrichment

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"Working with Gin has been a great experience! Her unique program is for our children's mind and body - which makes it a must have! Her willingness to adapt and commitment to offer what our kids need that's fun and unforgettable sets her apart! I'd recommend her services to every school that her schedule permits."

Kareema Martinez
Esteem Me Montessori Preschool – MCP

Cary, NC



The program was founded by Gin Burchfield, BS, CYT, LMBT, CYHC, who is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach. The program was developed at a Montessori preschool in Cary, NC to enhance their STEM curriculum. It was founded around the principles and philosophies of Montessori learning.

Gin has a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development which she earned before working and studying at the Deepak Chopra Center in  California.  She is a mother and began the program to facilitate a love of human sciences at her daughter Annelena’s preschool. After Annelena moved on to elementary education, Gin continued to teach My Body is Science and began training teachers to further expand the program. Together we continue to add new ideas and lessons to engage students and help them learn more about their bodies and how they work. Our passion is helping children grow in personal health, self-confidence and well-being.



Healthy kids are part of healthy families and communities.

We are happy to offer resources and support for parents, teachers, and administrators to keep learning alive at school and at home. 

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